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Restorative Hair Treatments in Tampa, FL

When it comes to getting your hair done, there are so many exciting variations to the way you can style it. Cut it, dye it, add extensions, the possibilities are many; however, after some time, your hair can become damaged from the wear and tear of chemicals, heat, and hair products. Studio Cabello offers the best restorative hair treatments in Tampa, FL, enriching your hair with the nutrients it needs for healthy growth and strength. Thanks to decades of research and innovation, there are many ways to bring your hair back to life, including taking matters into your own hands once you leave the salon.

Natural Oils

It’s always fun to concoct DIY hair treatments using natural oils from olives, almonds, avocados, and coconuts. These enriched home remedies can also be warmed slightly to open your hair cuticles for a more effective treatment. Alternatively, you can also buy botanical hair repair, all-natural oils ready to use in little bottles for your convenience.


Hair supplements are a necessity to keep your hair as healthy as possible. Vitamins keep your hair strands nourished and strong for less breakage and better shine.

Hair Masks

When you want your hair to look lustrous and beautiful, hair masks are the way to go. It doesn’t linger on the surface but penetrates deep into the cuticle with rich ingredients.

Hair Spa

Nothing beats getting a hair treatment at a spa; you will have specialists that create personalized solutions to meet you’re the needs of your hair.

Keratin Treatment

This treatment eliminates frizz for a very long time; you’ll enjoy semi-permanent straight, shiny hair.

Brazilian Blowout

This 90-minute hair treatment will make your hair look and feel amazing. The best part is you can style your hair immediately after treatment with smoother and more manageable results.


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